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Eric Cathell Photography in Millsboro, DE offers professional and creative staff headshots with a satisfaction guarantee. Our sessions are relaxed and friendly, and our pre-session wardrobe and styling consultations ensure that you look your best for the shoot. We provide same-day image selection and have a fast turnaround time from start to finish. Trust us to provide reliable results when you need high-quality staff headshots!

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  • Professional, Relaxed Sessions: Fast, Stress-Free Results
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Quality Every Time
  • Same Day Image Selection: No Waiting
  • Pre-Session Styling: Perfectly Tailored Look
  • Fast Turnaround: Quick Results

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Perdue Logistics Group Headshots

Employee Branding for Staff Headshots

Working with a professional photographer to create staff headshots is an important part of employee branding. It's a way to show clients, customers, and partners the face behind your business. A high-quality headshot will help you make a strong first impression and give people a sense of who they're working with.

The right photographer will ensure that each person in your team looks their best while still staying true to their personality. Your headshots should showcase everyone in a friendly but professional manner. From choosing the clothing and setting to getting just the right facial expressions and poses, it takes time and effort to capture the perfect headshots.

When done well, these images can be used on websites, social media platforms, and more. They'll help create a lasting impression and establish trust between your team and potential clients. With quality staff headshots, your employees can represent your company with professionalism and style.

How Can We Help?

We can help you create exceptional staff headshots for your business. We specialize in creating professional, creative images that capture the true essence of each person we photograph. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that each shot looks natural and captures your unique personality. We work hard to make sure all our clients get the best results possible, so you can be assured of great quality photos that will help your staff look their best.

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Why Us?

At Eric Cathell Photography, we understand how important it is to have staff headshots that accurately represent your business. We provide relaxed and friendly sessions so you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. With our satisfaction guarantee, same-day image selection, pre-session wardrobe and styling consultation, and fast turnaround time, you won't be disappointed with the final product! We will ensure that your team's headshots are exactly what you're looking for. Let us help you make great client impressions with quality staff headshots.

Get Reliable Staff Headshots with Eric Cathell Photography in Millsboro, DE

Hiring a photographer for your staff headshots shouldn't be stressful. That's why when you hire Eric Cathell Photography in Millsboro, DE, you can trust them to get the job done reliably. With years of experience and a satisfaction guarantee, we know that you'll be happy with the results:

  • No need to worry about quality – our photos are guaranteed to meet your standards.
  • You won't have to wait forever – Eric Cathell Photography provides fast turnaround times.
  • Get great value – our prices are highly competitive.


Our staff headshots include a pre-session wardrobe and styling consultation, a relaxed and friendly photo session, same-day image selection, and a fast turnaround on images.

We strive to create headshots that are professional and creative, while still reflecting the unique personality of each staff member.

We guarantee a fast turnaround, so you should have your headshots within a few days of the session.

We recommend that staff members come to the session prepared with a few different clothing options, appropriate makeup and hairstyle, and their personality ready to shine.

Why are Staff Headshots Important?

At Eric Cathell Photography, we understand how important it is to present an accurate and professional image of your staff. After all, those headshots could be the first impression a potential customer has when they visit your website or social media pages! Whether you're looking for a way to introduce yourself on a personal level, or update outdated photographs to show how far you've come over the years, our relaxed and friendly sessions will help you achieve exactly that. Here's why staff headshots are so important:

  • They provide an instantly recognizable face for customers and visitors to associate with your brand.
  • They allow everyone in your team to have consistent and up-to-date images across all platforms.
  • They can showcase the diversity of your company by featuring different members of the team in different poses.
  • They create a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness that leaves customers feeling confident about working with your business.

Why Should Your Team Get Professional Headshots?

Are you looking for a way to make your team stand out from the competition and show off R-DISHits unique personalities? Look no further than Eric Cathell Photography's professional staff headshots! Our headshots are designed to highlight the strengths of each individual while creating approachability and unity among the entire team. Here are just a few reasons to choose us:

  • Professional Quality: Our experienced photographers will capture stunning images that will truly bring out the best in your team. We use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to ensure quality results each time.
  • Personable Experience: Our photographers take the time to get to know each person on the team, so they can create an image that reflects their personality and expertise.
  • Attention to Detail: From proper lighting to subtle post-production edits, we pay close attention to every detail to make sure the final product looks perfect.
  • Affordable Rates: We strive to provide competitive rates without compromising on our commitment to excellence.

With Eric Cathell Photography's staff headshots, you can be confident your team is represented in the best light possible.

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