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Eric Cathell Photography is a professional headshot photography studio located in Delaware. We specialize in creating relaxed and friendly headshots to help you stand out on LinkedIn. Our sessions include a pre-session wardrobe and styling consultation to ensure that your photos look their best and a same-day image selection so you can get the perfect shot right away. With our satisfaction guarantee and fast turnaround times, Eric Cathell Photography is ideal for all your LinkedIn headshot needs.

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Professional Headshots in Georgetown Delaware

Professional Networking with LinkedIn Headshots

Networking is an essential part of career success. A good headshot can go a long way in helping you make the right impression when reaching out to potential employers or business contacts. With the advent of professional networking sites like LinkedIn, having a polished and professional headshot is now more critical than ever.

A quality LinkedIn headshot can be the difference between making that all-important first contact and missing it altogether. According to recent statistics, nearly 70% of hiring managers are likely to look up job applicants on social media before interviewing them. This means your profile photo ensures they get the right impression of you. It's not just about looking presentable either – an engaging headshot can also show off your personality and give those viewing your profile insight into who you are.

When considering whether or not to invest in a professional LinkedIn headshot, remember that people are significantly more likely to remember someone if they have a face to match their name. Additionally, research has shown that headshots with bright colors tend to draw the most attention from viewers. So take the time to find a photographer who specializes in headshots for online use and create a memorable first impression with your LinkedIn profile!

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How Can We Help?

We can help you make a great first impression with your LinkedIn profile! Our professional headshot photography studio in Delaware specializes in taking high-quality, creative headshots that are sure to stand out. We're reliable and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you need for your LinkedIn profile. Book an appointment today to help you boost your credibility and brand image!

Why Us?

At Eric Cathell Photography, we offer a relaxed and friendly session for all our LinkedIn headshots. We guarantee your satisfaction and provide same-day image selection, so you don't have to wait around. We also offer pre-session wardrobe and styling consultations to ensure you look your best. We understand the need for fast turnaround times so we deliver quality results quickly. With our professional, creative, and reliable approach, you can trust us to help you create an outstanding LinkedIn profile photo.

Get Reliable LinkedIn Headshots with Eric Cathell Photography in Delaware!

Are you looking for a reliable headshot photographer to help make your LinkedIn profile stand out? Look no further than Eric Cathell Photography in Delaware. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our work. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of those who want to make their LinkedIn profiles look professional and polished. From experienced professionals to first-time job seekers, we provide quality headshots that will take your profile to the next level. With years of experience capturing stunning headshots for clients nationwide, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results consistently. So if you're seeking an experienced, reliable headshot photographer in Delaware, Eric Cathell Photography is the right choice.


We provide relaxed, friendly sessions and a satisfaction guarantee so you can feel comfortable and confident in your new headshot. We also offer pre-session wardrobe and styling consultation and fast turnaround, so you get the best results.

We’ll guide you through the process and provide everything you need to get the perfect shot. You can expect a relaxed, friendly session, pre-session wardrobe, and styling consultation. We’ll also help you select your best headshot on the same day.

We offer fast turnaround so you can get your headshot quickly. We’ll also help you select your best headshot the same day to get it immediately.

We guarantee satisfaction with your headshot so you can be confident you’ll get the perfect shot. If you’re unhappy, we’ll work with you until you are.

Why Are Professional LinkedIn Headshots So Important?

When it comes to professional networking, a great headshot can make all the difference. Having an up-to-date, professional shot on your profile page is essential for creating a solid first impression with potential employers and business contacts. A good headshot conveys professionalism and credibility – invaluable traits in today's competitive job market.

At Eric Cathell Photography, we understand the importance of having a polished, modern headshot on your profile page. Our team offers pre-session wardrobe and styling consultation services to ensure you look your best. We take time to get to know each of our clients so that we can capture their unique personalities in every photo. With decades of experience in headshot photography, you can trust us to provide top-quality images that will set you apart from others in your field.

Why Should You Get a LinkedIn Headshot from Eric Cathell Photography?

Are you looking to make an impact with your professional headshot on LinkedIn? If so, then we have the perfect solution for you!

At Eric Cathell Photography, we aim to help you take your profile and career to the next level. We offer professional, engaging headshots designed specifically with LinkedIn in mind. Our services will:

  • Boost visibility
  • Enhance credibility
  • Attract connections

We understand that making a good impression when networking is essential, so we always strive to provide quality results. With our unique sales proposition, you can be sure that you'll stand out amongst the competition and create meaningful connections. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started today and upgrade your online presence!

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