5.0 56 reviews

5.0 56 reviews

Express Headshot Sessions

Perfect for job seekers, recent graduates, or those on a tight budget, this quick and convenient option will have you looking your best in no time.


Don’t wait to make a splash – book an Express Headshot session today and get ready to show off your best self!

Who Can Benefit From an Express Headshot Session?

You can benefit from an Express Headshot Session if you’re a job seeker, recent graduate, or individual on a tight budget. Perfect for those who need a professional-looking headshot quickly and conveniently, the Express Headshot Session is a great option.


Companies can also send employees for matching headshots. It’s an affordable and customizable option for individuals and companies with varying budgets. 

What Makes an Express Headshot Session?

With an Express Headshot Session, you’ll get a professional-looking headshot quickly and conveniently. Perfect for job seekers, recent graduates, and individuals on a tight budget, this session offers a single background option in the studio. Companies can send employees for matching headshots as well. Makeup service isn’t included, but self-application tips are provided. The photos can be used for LinkedIn, social media, websites, corporate purposes, and more. 


The Express Headshot Program is perfect for companies looking for professional headshots for corporate use. On-site photography with the choice of background and the option to capture employees in their office environment is available. Companies can customize their session, and the pricing is very competitive.


The 15 Minute Express Headshot Session is priced at $305 and includes:

  • Studio headshot photography
  • Posing and styling for headshots and 3/4 length shots
  • Choice of one background color
  • Same-day in-person image viewing and selection consultation
  • One high-resolution digital image with basic editing and retouching delivered

Additional Digital Images Are Available for Purchase at The End of Your Session

What's Included in an

Express Headshot Session

Relaxed Friendly Atmosphere

You'll experience a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Eric Cathell Photography during your Express Headshot Session. Whether you're a job seeker, a recent graduate, or on a tight budget, this express headshot session offers simple, quick, and affordable benefits.

Expression & Posing Direction

From subtle smiles to serious expressions, trust us to create the perfect headshot that captures your essence. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring you look your best and feel confident in your headshot. With our experience and guidance, you'll surely have a professional headshot that stands out.

Single Background
& Single Outfit

Express Headshot Sessions include one background and outfit. Professional guidance is provided for posing and styling, and makeup and hair styling tips are offered to help clients look their best. Express Headshots provide a high-quality, professional headshot in a shorter time than traditional sessions.

Final Image
Review & Selection

After the session, you'll have the opportunity to review and select your final images for retouching. This is an important step in the process, as your image selection will reflect your personal brand.

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One more step between you and headshots that rock.

The Express Headshot Session Is Priced at $305 and Includes:

  • A 30-Minute Studio Session
  • Posing and Styling for Headshots and 3/4 Length Shots
  • Choice of One Background Color(White, Gray, Black)
  • Same-Day In-Person Image Viewing and Selection Consultation
  • One High-Resolution Digital Image with Basic Editing and Retouching

Additional Digital Images Are Available for Purchase at The End of Your Session

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