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5.0 56 reviews

Professional High-Quality Team Headshots of Your Staff

Are you looking to give your business a professional edge? Look no further than team and staff headshots! A picture paints a thousand words – a professional headshot makes a great first impression and can  establish credibility.


Get up-to-speed on the importance, tips, cost and logistics of team and staff headshots and discover how they can help boost your business.

Why You Need Professional Team Headshots

You need team/staff headshots to ensure your first impression is positive. Team/staff headshots are impactful impressions that allow your team to show off their personalities while representing your brand. It also helps create team cohesion and increases client engagement. Professional headshots help to showcase professionalism, friendliness, and competence. They can also make a significant impact on careers and companies.


Having consistent headshots helps your team look cohesive. Sessions are available on-location or through our studio. Either way, you can be assured that your final images will be consistent across your team members. 


The cost and logistics of team headshot photography vary depending on the number of individuals, location, and time needed. The benefits of team headshot photography include creating a consistent and polished brand image, increasing engagement and trust with clients or customers, and boosting team morale and pride.


We even offer compositing services so that as new members are added or members leave, your group photo can be updated to remain current.

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What Are the Benefits of
Professional Staff Headshots for Your Team?

The benefits of team/staff headshots are numerous. Not only do they make an impactful first impression, but they can also help represent a company’s brand. Professional team headshots can showcase individual personalities while still maintaining team cohesion. This can help increase customer engagement and trust with potential clients and investors.


Headshots can help create an image of trustworthiness and credibility. This can be especially useful for members of the executive team who are often the primary representatives of the company. Headshots can also help humanize a company, making it easier for customers to connect and relate to their brand.


Taking the time to coordinate the team headshots can also be beneficial in the long run. Having a consistent, polished brand image will help create a strong and lasting impression. This can help the company stand out from competitors and help build relationships with customers.

How our

Team Headshot Sessions Work


Indivdiuals. Your company will receive 1 fully retouched image per staff member photographed

Team Composites. You may also opt to have a team composite photograph created as well. This will allow for the photograph to be changed as employees are hired or leave.

Wall Portraits. We can provide a variety of wall portrait options for Board Members, Senior Executives, Founders and Divisions.


Turnaround After final image selection your company can expect a 6-7 business day turnaround of completed images.

Session Day Depending on the number of employees, you can expect half-day, full-day, or multiple day requirements

Individual Times We generally like to spend 5 to 10 minutes with each staff member so that we can build a rapport, give quick posing instructions, and help them feel comfortable


Budgets will depend on the number of employees being photographed, the location of your session, and any additional deliverables or expectations required for your project.

Benefits of Composite

Team & Staff Portraits


Quickly Capture Multiple Subjects

By quickly capturing multiple subjects in a composite team portrait, you can benefit from improved efficiency and convenience. Time management is key when working with larger groups, as efficient posing and lighting techniques are essential for a streamlined workflow. Working with a professional photographer can help ensure that the group dynamics are considered, as they are experienced in working with teams to create a cohesive look. Poses can be adjusted quickly to make sure everyone is looking their best, while multiple shots can be taken simultaneously to capture different angles and expressions. By utilizing a composite team portrait, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on individual shots.


Showcase a Unified Team

Frequently and carefully, you can expect to receive several deliverables from a team/staff headshot session. Hair and makeup instructions can be provided for a polished yet natural look. Clothing suggestions should fit well and be in good repair, favoring low-key colors and patterns. Scheduling preferences and photographer guidance should be communicated before the session. During the session, the photographer will provide direction for posing and facial expressions. Final photo selection can be done on a computer screen with high-resolution previews. The photographer will ensure visual cohesion between team, headshot, and lifestyle photos


Capture Any Size Group

With composite team/staff portraits, you can capture any size group. From small teams to large corporate gatherings, you can find a photographer who will accommodate your needs and preferences. Consider the location options available to you; this can range from in-studio shoots to outdoor locations and everything in between. When it comes to deliverable options, you can expect a variety of digital photos and prints to choose from. Additionally, budget considerations should be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time. Finally, composite portraits are a great way to capture all of your team members in one cohesive and professional photo.
The Power Of Perception Why Your Headshot Matters More Than You Think

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